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Santuário do Bom Jesus do Monte


It certainly wasn’t chance that led to the first collaboration between Christina Vantzou and John Also Bennett: "Thoughts of a Dot as it Travels a Surface'' was the result of a soundtrack for a panoramic wall drawing by Zin Taylor and mapped musically, in a serene and inventive way, a site-specific visual work. The second released work does not bear the name “Landscape Architecture” by chance either, as both musicians seem to function in a perfect understanding and complementarity in visual or spatial settings, allowing their music to paint colours or lines in the atmosphere, or to fill voids and produce structures of an intense psycho-physicality. Using acoustic instrumentation and an extensive sound genealogy, CV & JAB compose ambient musical auras which reconfigure the tri dimensionality that surrounds us, creating comfort to connect us emotionally. Idealizing this potential in a setting as imposing as the Bom Jesus sanctuary is to inevitably assume a high point for the commemorative programming of Semibreve and the symbolism which the festival has in its city.


access limited to festival pass or theatro circo main room ticket holders