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Zeena Parkins + André Gonçalves


Theatro Circo


We still look at Zeena Parkins as a gifted harpist, but it has been a long time since the North-American artist has put this instrument in quotation marks, subverting its physical and sonic limits, much as the radical transformations imposed on the piano by John Cage. And in fact, Parkins doesn’t circumscribe the composition just to the potential of the harp. Piano, and often invented instruments travel through the many alleys of the sonic laws, challenging textures, colors, resonance frequencies that command her sonic writing and the way in which she spontaneously reacts to what happens. It is not therefore by chance that through these last decades she collected collaborations and renowned commissions, and least of all by chance that she has accepted one more challenge to create, with André Gonçalves, a début for the Semibreve Festival. On the Portuguese side, electronica — coming from the computer and modular synths — reacting to what Zeena Parkins says, and imagining a territory of multiple electroacoustic ambient particles. Two musicians listening to one another, creating with one another, willing to share it all with the audience.