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Flora Yin-Wong


Capela Imaculada do Seminário Menor

Durational Performance

For those who follow music writing, the name Flora Yin-Wong has helped to draw a current map of contemporary electronic music in the past decade, penning texts for Dazed & Confused or Resident Advisor. Significant prose, undoubtedly, but mostly a refined ear and attention to an extremely vast sonic world. From 2016 onwards, her musical production began to emerge, and after taking part in the famous compilation from PAN Mono No Ware, in 2020 she released her debut album Holy Palm on Modern Love. Profoundly idiosyncratic, like a personal journal, Flora’s compositions instigate a psychological journey, opening spaces for speculation and meditation, piling up sound postcards which take us to different latitudes - sometimes recognizable, sometimes strange and deliciously dissonant. In the magnificent setting of the Immaculate Chapel, Flora Yin-Wong will debut “Sea of Fertility”, a long running electronic ambient piece, between live performance and sound installation, like a timeless ceremony submerged in a quadraphonic sound system.

Durational Performance

Based on the namesake behind Yukio Mishima’s tetralogy, ‘Sea of Fertility’ is a site-specific durational piece utilising multi-channel sound, supplemented by a live improvised performance. The piece thematically touches upon the series’ ongoing threads of reincarnation and rebirth, the nature of humankind, and obsession which ultimately destroys man’s life. In response to this literature, the work looks to the nomenclature of the moon’s lakes such as Mare Crisium: ’Sea of Crisis’, Mare Cognitum: ‘the Sea that has Become Known’ and Lacus Oblivionis: ‘Lake of Forgetfulness’) as instated by astronomer and Catholic priest Giovanni Battista Riccioli. The directional sound will work around emanating the celestial map of the lakes in the cardinal directions of North, South, East, West.