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Foco: Mera



Durational Performance

Each record label is a small sound nation, plural and diverse, with its own language and laws. The records are its eloquent representatives, like statues in a future museum. But here are other ways to listen to these territories, and the Semibreve Festival has called upon two Portuguese record labels to show themselves offering their music but looking the word straight in the eye. In fact, they are moments for better understanding these family portraits which we so admire. In these showcases, there is live music, records playing, images and movement. There are new ideas (and releases) being prepared. We can therefore be the first to understand where these labels are going.

Mera comes from Porto and takes on the digital side of its discographic existence since  2019. Perhaps for that reason they want their releases to happen in the real world, in front of their audience, looking to extend feelings and perceptions. On the Semibreve Festival stage, Mera proposes an audiovisual installation which invites us to dive into the surrounding atmosphere, becoming dynamic agents in the space. Our movement and location as well as our very breath, will influence the flow of the electronic composition, leading us to take an active part in the construction and deconstruction of what we see and hear. Mera wants its listeners as participants in its life.


Durational Performance