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Laurel Halo + Oliver Coates


Theatro Circo


Extracts, layers and textures of ambient sounds on her list of ingredients as little atmospheric oeuvres that juxtapose and create imaginary universes in our minds. A spontaneous starting point, made of the purest instinct, believing that somewhere, almost as if by magic, there is a magnificent point of arrival. This crossing is an amalgam of succinct abstract stories where the storytelling is full of tension, ripe for associations which belong to us alone. Each one of us will make the film, but it is Laurel Halo and Oliver Coates who direct it from afar, manipulating our emotions. If Raw Silk Uncut Wood, the 2018 EP which brought them together on Latency, already showed a supreme happiness on the collaboration, the fact of both being lately busy with the writing of soundtracks will only make this reunion, made for the Semibreve Festival, transform Theatro Circo into a movie theatre where we can close our eyes. The ears will see everything.