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Rafael Toral


Theatro Circo


From a commission by the festival, Rafael Toral composed Time Bridges, a new piece that, as has been recurring in his recent work, encapsulates a series of essential determinants for new stages, attitudes and ideas about the future. But, as always, nothing that has been previously done is definitely put away or historically decided. Rafael Toral’s music has been a river in constant flux, transformation and evolution, where little maelstroms on the surface allow us to understand the way in which his art miraculously challenges time and space. Time Bridges — bluntly, a declaration in the form of a title — is a blatant journey through the years 1987, 1995, 2006 and 2023, from the past and the future, both a synthesis and a transcendency of ambient, done and electronic free jazz, bring the début of Rafael Toral’s “third phase” with all the pomp it deserves.