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Rabih Beaini + Angélica Salvi + Eleonor Picas


Theatro Circo


A jack of all trades, Rabih Beaini has been a tireless proponent for new causes, an immense agitator of principles and an avid generator of events. It is in the forgotten corners of music, where fertile soil still abounds, that this Lebanese national finds the body and light for new enterprises, adventures and stories. Because Beaini is, above all, a storyteller of tales which blossom in a universe of improbability, collage and crossings, of remnants of other explosions which happened on the origins of music that we know, be it techno or traditional sounds. Because of that, he is equally a marvelous host, on his records or on his label, welcoming voices which need to be heard. And also on stage, where there is no shortage of generosity, dialogue and creation of new narratives. For the commission made by the festival, Rabih Beaini responded with this collaboration with two harpists, proving his indomitable commitment to showing us virgin and original territory.