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Theatro Circo


In 2017, Deathprod left some of the strongest memories in the ten versions of the Semibreve Festival. In this years’ celebratory edition Deathprod, or Helge Sten, returns, bringing along Arve Henriksen and Ståle Storløkken, two of his most regular collaborators. Which is to say, Supersilent, a trio which was born a quartet in 1997, precisely at a festival, and which has since then made - on record and mostly on stage - profoundly new and challenging music. Embracing in a fearless way total improvisation, without a plan or pre-defined strategy, in an ambitious act of heroism which never disappoints. Despite the 14 volumes in their dizzying discography, we know that this night will be unique and will give us Supersilent material which will inevitably lead to a new chapter.