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Yvette Janine Jackson w/ Judith Hamann


Salão Medieval da Universidade do Minho

Durational Performance

With a small body of released work — Freedom, released this year, brings together two radio pieces and is the only entry in her discography - Yvette Janine Jackson has, however, a celebrated and extensive work around composition and electroacoustics, with pieces for chamber music and orchestra, in a concert context, sound installation or theatre production. Her works occupy a very particular place in the contemporary landscape, subtle narrative but with a strong social conscience, where her experience as sound designer for theatre brings a skillful and creative understanding of sound sculpture in space. The Medieval Room in the rector of the University of Minho is therefore a perfect place for the debut of Generations, durational piece for electronica and cello, between sound installation and live performance by Judith Hamann.

Durational Performance