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Éter is an audiovisual piece produced by Sonoscopia in collaboration with Sociedade Filarmónica Vizelense, Termas de Vizela and the support of Vizela Municipality as part of the artistic residencies cycle “Amar o Minho”, promoted by Minho In. From the space and nature that circumscribes and characterizes the Minho region, and Vizela in particular, a sound and visual narrative was built that flows over the thermal water courses that have historically shaped the landscape, and which also confer an immaterial wealth that defines its people.


Conception and Musical Direction: Ana Luísa Veloso, Gustavo Costa e Henrique Fernandes

Video: Augusto Lado

Production: Patrícia Caveiro / Sonoscopia

Musicians: Afonso Ferreira, Ana Carolina Silva, Ana Leonor Gonçalves, Ana Luísa Fernandes, Ariana Dias, Ariana Costa, Beatriz Coelho, Carolina Mendes, Catarina Machado, Daniela Oliveira, Eduardo Faria
Guilherme Magalhães, Gustavo Magalhães, Iara Oliveira, Inês Azevedo, Inês Costa, Isabel Pacheco, João Ferreira, Leonor Monteiro, Luís Coelho, Mariana Silva, Mateus Freitas, Matilde Amaral Ferreira, Matilde da Cunha Ferreira, Matilde Machado, Oriana Martins, Pedro Azevedo, Rodrigo Faria, Sara Ribeiro, Tiago Faria, Tiago Silva, Sara Marques, Pedro Ramos, Hugo Costa, Eduardo Vieira, Rui Almeida, Tiago Silva.